Airpot of Coffee $20.00

*Approximately 10 cups*

Cambrio of Coffee $80.00

*Approximately 40 cups*

Airpot of Tea $22.50

*Choose 10 teabags of your preference. Approximately 10 cups*

San Pellegrino $2.40
Bottled Water $2.40
Bottled Juice $2.40

*Orange, Apple, Original V8 or V8 Fusion*

Sandwich Plate $84.00

*Choose 12 sandwiches of your preference*

Baking Plate

*Choose 12 baked items of your preference. Price will vary based on items chosen*

Private Coffee Cuppings for parties of 8-14 people

Stage 1: The first stage explores the palate; going through various roasts, discussing the profiles the roaster was trying to achieve and teaching the consumer to taste coffee differently.
Stage 2: The second stage showcases various brewing techniques. Learning about different extraction methods to brew coffee and how each device can showcase each coffee differently.
Stage 3: The third stage is a traditional coffee cupping where you evaluate the dry grounds and then the extracted grounds - learning how we as consumers get from crop to cup.
Stage 4: The fourth stage goes through espresso extraction and professional bar training.

With this off site catering option we provide a more in depth look at coffee. If you want to go further with your knowledge we can also provide a fourth stage where we go through espresso extraction and professional bar training. Each stage costs $100.00 however, if you choose not to do stages 1-3 and just do stage 4 the cost is $400. If you wish to book a coffee cupping please contact Atlantis Coffee at 565-2213 or by email at

Single Group Espresso Machine

We have a single group espresso machine that our baristas can bring on-site to provide service for your meetings and events. The flat rate for this service is $250 and each drink prepared is $3.50.

We will gladly customize a catering package to accommodate groups of various sizes.

Pick-Up, Delivery, or on-site service available.

Please allow sufficient notice for catering orders.

Prices subject to change