Classico Espresso

Café Latte      
Caramel Cappuccino      
White Chocolate Mochaccino      
Caramel Mocha      
Hazelnut Truffle Latte      


Espresso Macchiato    
Espresso con Panna    

Freshly Brewed Coffee

Coffee of the Day      
Decaf Coffee of the Day      
Café Au Lait      

Coffee Alternatives

Mighty Leaf Tea    
Chai Tea Latte      
Steamed Apple Cider      
Steamed Milk      
Hot Chocolate      
Caramel Apple Cider      
White Hot Chocolate      

London Fog

Matcha Latte      

Children's Selection

Kid's Juice or Milk  
Kid's Hot Chocolate  

Blended Beverages

Coffee Frapp      
Mocha Frapp      
Espresso Frapp      
Caramel Frapp      
White Mocha Frapp      
M&M Frapp      
Skor Bar Frapp      
Chai Tea Smoothie      
Fruit Smoothies      
Fruit and Cream Smoothies      

Atlantis on the Rocks

Iced Café Latte      
Iced Chai Tea Latte      
Iced Mochaccino      
Iced Americano      
Iced Tea      
Bottled Beverage      
Italian Soda      


Extra Espresso Shot  
Add Flavoured Syrup  
Add Caramel  
Add Soy Milk


*Provided by Flip eatery & drink


*Mixed Greens, tomatoes, red onion, apple, & cucumber with a cracked espresso blueberry vinaigrette
*option to add grilled chicken


*made in-house

Atlantis Breakfast Sandwich

Ingredients: egg, bacon, butter, and provolone cheese, served on ciabatta

Atlantis Breakfast Sandwich

Ingredients: Sausage, egg, tomato, chipotle mayo cream cheese spread, butter, and provolone, served on ciabatta

Atlantis Breakfast Sandwich

Ingredients: Rosemary Ham, egg, tomato, basil pesto, butter, and provolone, served on ciabatta

Ham & Cheese

Ingredients: Salt rosemary ham, smoked cheddar, tomato, spicy tarragon mustard, and honey served on ciabatta.

Lox Bagel

Ingredients: Salt Diefenbaker trout, herb cream cheese, pickled onions, capers, and lemon vinaigrette served on your choice of bagel


plain, sesame, multigrain, onion, blueberry, and cinnamon raisin

Chicken Sundried Tomato & Basil

Ingredients: chicken sundried tomato mix, mozzarella, and basil, served on herbed foccacia

Italian Trio

Ingredients: genoa, prosciutto, cappicola, provolone, cheddar monterey blend, and basil pesto, served on ciabatta

Chipotle Roast Beef

Ingredients: roast beef, roasted red pepper, red onion, mozzarella, and chipotle mascarpone, served on ciabatta

Tomato Basil Balsamic Melt

Ingredients : tomatoes, fresh basil, balsamic glaze, salt, pepper, and mozza, served on foccacia


Bran, Fruit and Feature of the week


Florentine, Cranberry Oat, Ginger, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter & Feature of the week


Prairie Cherry, Fruit & Feature of the week


Banana Bread


Granola Bar, Brown Butter Brownie, Cinnamon Bun, Chocolate Quinoa Cupcake, Nanaimo, Granola Parfait, Tiramisu & Cake or Pie, feature bar, Koko rosemary foccacia, Koko olive bread sticks